Interesting Blogs of two fellows of mine

Today I want to recommend the Blogs of two fellows of mine. First the blog of Max Wielsch in which he writes about his experiences related to computer science and software development. He is working at the same company as me and is proceeding a project I started implementing at the beginning of the year which is called the "Human Task Service". This is a Software which integrates human interactions in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). This is necessary because BPEL, the standard to orchestrate webservices to SOA's doesn't come with build in support for human interactions. Amoung other things, in his blog Max describes one component of this Human Task Infrastructure in detail which is used to monitor the hole application.

The second blog I like to recommend is the blog of Raik Bieniek. He is also one of my fellows and in his blog he writes about Acceptance Tests with internal DSLs. "DSL" stands for "Domain Specific Language" and means that there is a language (similar to programming languages) with which a customer can write acceptance tests in his own words. He doesn't need to know technical things and terms but can use terms from his own subject area. Raik developes a framework with which you can create such DSLs for your desired subject. "Internal DSL" means that you use an existing programming language to build your DSL on top of it. The benefit is that you can use features of this existing programming language. He uses for his framework the programming language Groovy which runs on the Java Virtual Machine.