JUG-GR: Model-View-* - UI design patterns in detail


On december 3, 2014 I gave another talk at the Java-User-Group Görlitz with the title "Model-View-* : UI-Design-Patterns im Detail".

The talk was all about the Model-View-Controller pattern and it's variants like Model-View-Presenter (in different flavours) and Model-View-ViewModel. The example code was written in JavaFX. You can find the Code here on github. Of course I also presented the usage of our own MVVM framework mvvmFX.

Additionally I spoke about the scope of UI patterns: On the one hand side you can see "MVC" at the abstraction level of a single UI control. In the talk I used the example of a TextField control.

On the other hand you will often here people talking about "MVC" when they talk about the overall application architecture. I compared the terms of MVC with the well-known Three-tier Architecture and the less common CQRS architecture.