Javaland 2018: Talk about Immutables


I will be speaking at the Javaland conference 2018. This conference is organized by the iJUG e.V. which is the association of german speaking Java User Groups of which we as JUG Görlitz are a part of. The conference is also special because of the location: It will take place in the Phantasialand Brühl, a theme park in the area of cologne. It will last from 13th to 15th of march.

javaland banner

My talk will be about immutable data with Java. As I'm a fan of functional programming, I'm using immutable data structures a lot. For example when developing applications with Redux both in JavaScript and in Java, immutability is an important thing to keep in mind. For me personally, thinking in immutable objects is not a big deal anymore. It's natural and by this time I'm used to it. But when I talk to other developers or doing code reviews I sometimes see people having problems with this kind of development style. Therefore I hope to give a good introduction to the topic with the talk and also show how people can implement their own immutable data structures in Java - either by hand or by using third-party libraries. And I will also take a short look at other JVM languages like Kotlin or Frege.